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We’re stoked to be writing the first lines of text for our new project DeepLinked.org. Deep Linking, App Indexing and Mobile SEO: these topics are as exciting as they are new – that is why we are writing about them.

Before we dive in we would like to introduce ourselves and provide some background on our motivation for doing this.

We, Lars and Adam, are both SEO Managers at eBay Kleinanzeigen – in other words: we do a little bit of everything. Aside from SEO Lars is also responsible for a range of topics like Online Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Brand and On-Site Marketing. Meanwhile Adam works in the so called Global Growth team of eBay Classifieds with other markets and focusses mostly on Product and Content SEO.

Wir both very interested in the topic of Deep Linking and Mobile SEO. We’ve been fortunate to be one of the early adopters of App Indexing at eBay Kleinanzeigen in Germany. The pace of change from desktop to mobile, and the potential for optimization – most recently with apps – has greatly changed our view of SEO.


Over the last few years the SEO industry has retained a distinct feature: despite the competitive nature of our business we still actively share knowledge. We SEOs know each other, meet up frequently at conferences and other events and network our blogs. With this blog we want to contribute as well. In particular we believe our hands-on experience and strategies for SEO in the mobile era will be a worthy contribution to the wider knowledge base and generate dicussion and insights from you (the reader, the SEO, the blogger) as well.

We hope you find the content on DeepLinked.org interesting and look forward to your feedback.

Adam & Lars


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